Interior Valeting Service

Looking to have the inside of your vehicle cleaned? You are in the right place. Our interior valet is not a service to be overlooked. Perfect if your vehicle has any smells, stains, deeply soiled dirt, or even if you just want that fresh clean feeling. Then this service is for you. Using only quality and tested products, our interior valet will leave your vehicle looking and smelling great.

  • Before-Shogun car valeting swindon- car detailing swindon
    After-Shogun car valeting swindon- car detailing swindon
    Before Shogun car valeting swindon- car detailing swindon After
  • Before-Upholstery cleaning car valeting swindon- car detailing swindon
    After-Upholstery cleaning car valeting swindon- car detailing swindon
    Before Upholstery cleaning car valeting swindon- car detailing swindon After
  • Before-Peugeot 407 car valeting swindon- car detailing swindon
    After-Peugeot 407 car valeting swindon- car detailing swindon
    Before Peugeot 407 car valeting swindon- car detailing swindon After
  • Before-Full Valet With Machine Polish
    After-Full Valet With Machine Polish
    Before Full Valet With Machine Polish After
  • Before-Interior Valet
    After-Interior Valet
    Before Interior Valet After
  • Before-Interior Carpet Valet
    After-Interior Carpet Valet
    Before Interior Carpet Valet After
  • Before-Algae Removal
    After-Algae Removal
    Before Algae Removal After
  • Before-Audi A5vExterior Detailing
    After-Audi A5vExterior Detailing
    Before Audi A5vExterior Detailing After
  • Before-Nissan Boot Before car valeting swindon
    After-Nissan Boot Before car valeting swindon
    Before Nissan Boot Before car valeting swindon After
  • Before-nissan exterior car valeting swindon - car detailing Swindon
    After-nissan exterior car valeting swindon - car detailing Swindon
    Before nissan exterior car valeting swindon - car detailing Swindon After
  • Before-Lexus full valet - valeting swindon
    After-Lexus full valet - valeting swindon
    Before Lexus full valet - valeting swindon After
Interior Valet
What's Included?
  • Vacuum upholstery and carpets
  • Vacuum boot (if empty)
  • Shampoo Head liner by hand
  • Deep clean and condition leather seats (if any)
  • Machine shampoo fabric seats and carpet
  • Wash mats
  • Clean and dress dash, central console, and air vents
  • Clean and dress door panels and trims

Extras and add-ons

  • Excessive pet hair removal add £20.00
  • Fabric Sealant add £20.00

Interior Valet Prices

Small Vehicle

Duration Time: 4 hrs+

From £60.00
e.g. Fiesta, Corsa
Medium Vehicle

Duration Time: 4 hrs+

From £70.00
e.g. Astra, Focus, Golf
Large Vehicle

Duration Time: 4 hrs+

From £80.00
e.g. Audi A5, Insignia
Xlarge Vehicle

Duration Time: 4 hrs+

From £90.00
e.g. Range Rover, Van

Other Services

Mini Valeting Swindon
Mini Valet

Duration Time: 2 hrs+

From £35.00
Our most basic service, including a snow foam pre-cleanser, safe hand wash and interior vacuum.
Mini Car Valeting Swindon
Half Valet

Duration Time: 3 hrs+

From £45.00
If you looking for a little extra bling from our mini valet? Then the half valet service may just be what your looking for. Everything from our mini valet with a load of added extras.
Full Car Valeting Swindon
Full Valet

Duration Time: 4 hrs+

From £65.00
A full valet of all exterior and interior surfaces, including carpet, upholstery and boot
Ultimate Car Valeting Swindon
Ultimate Valet

Duration Time: 8 hrs+

From £100.00
This service will give your vehicle a complete refresh by carrying out an in depth cleaning of both interior and exterior.
Exterior Car Detailing Swindon
Exterior Detail

Duration Time: 8 hrs+

From £180.00
Using multi machine steps to remove light to medium paint defects and enhancing clarity in the paintwork. (expect to see up to a 60% reduction in swirl marks depending on vehicle and condition)
Car Paint Protection Valeting and Detailing Swindon
Paint Protection

Duration Time: 4 hrs+

From £90.00
Our Exterior Paint Protection service will thoroughly clean, decontaminate and protect the complete exterior of your vehicle

How It Works

Booking you service

You can book your service online via our website, over the phone or message. The process is simple, simply fill in the form and we will contact you as soon a possible.

The day of your booking

Once we collect your keys we can start valeting / detailing your vehicle. Meaning that you can sit back and relax or carry-on with your day to day tasks.

When finished

Once we have completed valeting / detailing your vehicle, we will show you around the vehicle, and your keys will be returned leaving you to enjoy the rest of your day!

Yes, Really It's That Simple

We provide our own electric, water and all appropriate products in order to complete the job to a high standard.

Our mobile car valeting and mobile car detailing service covers a radius of 30 miles from Swindon, depending on the weather conditions and available space.

We use locations in Swindon, West Swindon, Lydiard Millicent, and Wroughton, allowing us to reach people who are not able to take advantage of our mobile valeting and detailing  service.

Using only high quality products, we ensure that your car gets the best possible finish and care. You can feel at ease knowing your vehicle is in the best hands with our experienced professionals.

We supply our own electricity and water that’s filtered and treated with UV lighting to ensure no unnecessary chemicals come in contact with your vehicle.

Areas Covered

For Car Valeting in Swindon and Car Detailing in Swindon, exterior and interior cleaning, paint protection, wax, polishing and much more, the only name you have  to remember is Spankys Detailing.

areas coverd Valeting Swindon - Detailing Swindon

About Us

Detailing and Valeting vehicles to the highest standards, Spankys Detailing uses the greatest amount of experience. We will make your car appear and feel as if it was brand new again. As our tools are handled with precision and using the latest techniques, we are able to achieve the highest level of gloss and reflection on your car.

Whether you have a question about your vehicle, or want to schedule a pick-up or drop off within the Swindon area, we’re available 7 days a week. We are mobile and also have convenient pickup and drop off options. It’s all about your convenience and satisfaction.

We offer a range of car valeting and car detailing packages for as many requirements as possible. If there isn’t a package that suits your needs, please let us know what you need and we will be more than happy to tailor a valeting / detailing package to meet your requirements

cleaning car interior
cleaning hard to reach areas on centre console
fine detail to leather seats while cleaning
rear carpets washed and stripes given to finish it off
Interior Valeting on Honda Civic
paint protection completed on this insignia
Honda civic after a Ultimate Valet
nissan exterior after Car Detailing Swindon
peugeot 407 after mobile car Valeting Swindon - mobile car Detailing Swindon
completed range rover full valet
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